Corporate Vision
To be the Leading and Technologically Advanced Publishing, Printing, Packaging, Distribution & Functional Printing company in Malaysia and the East Coast region.
Corporate Mission
To be a One Top Publishing, Printing, Distribution, Packaging & Functional Printing Solution Provider with State of the Art Machineries and cutting edge Technology.
To Stay Close to Customers by offering innovative products & services, creative design, advertising ideas, premium quality, on time delivery, competitive prices, value for money, and exceed customer expectations.
To Maximize Shareholder's Wealth, Income, Benefits and Perks with generous Dividend Policy
Corporate Values
  • Premium Quality and Exceptional Service
  • Creative and Innovation
  • Hard Work, Dedication and Achievement
  • Honestly, Integrity and Professionalism
  • Resilience and Sustainability
  • Caring and Inclusivity for All Shareholders

Pustaka Aman Press (PAP) was established in 1960 by Haji Hassan Bin Yaacob with an initial capital of RM15,000. Its main function was publishing and printing Islamic books ranging from the translation of Al-Quran to Islamic mysticism and Islamic teaching. PAP was considered to be the pioneer publisher and printer in Kelantan as well as in Malaysia owned by a sole-proprietor. 01




In the early '60s, PAP was the sole publisher for religious textbooks (Pengetahuan Agama Islam - Form 1 to Form 5). Undeniably, the company made a fortune from the sales of these books. Nowadays, besides publishing and printing Islamic, academic, children, and computer books, PAP also accepts jobs in printing contracts from government sectors, private companies, and individuals. PAP's printing services range from book to magazines, brochures, pamphlets, calendars, posters, newsletters, circulars, and 4 color printing jobs and others. 04

On 5th February 1976, PAP was incorporated into a Private Company with an authorized capital and paid-up of RM1,000,000.00 and RM500,003.00 respectively. The company was known as Pustaka Aman Press Sdn. Bhd. 05



Ever since the establishment of PAP, it had undergone tremendous improvement both in terms of management and operations. Under the leadership of its current CEO, Hj Hilmi Bin Hj Hassan, PAP is continuously upgrading its types of machinery, working space, marketing activities, workforce as well as diversifying it's business lines. Until now, PAP has already diversified it's business to paper and printing materials supplier (Syarikat Akmal), hotel management (Hotel Aman), property and housing projects (Taman Aman & Taman Sari) and non-profit private Primary School (Sekolah Rendah Swasta Sri Aman) 07

PAP is committed towards continuous expansion in order to fulfill their objectives as well as to meet the aspirations and challenges of the nation's Shared Prosperity Vision 2030. 08